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Jo Baker
UPCA Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

An experienced UPCA registered psychotherapeutic counsellor, I am happy to talk about whatever matters to you. Coming to therapy can be a big leap; talking to a stranger about private, sometimes very vulnerable matters can be incredibly daunting. I hope to provide a warm, accepting place for you to unpack and unpick whatever it is that you need to.

Having worked in the Violence Against Women and Girls sector for a number of years, I have a particular experience and expertise in recovering from emotional, physical and sexual abuse, although I also have specific experience with substance misuse, particularly in supporting a difficult sobriety journey.

In addition to this, I can work with a range of issues including: depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues, bereavement, health problems and pre / post natal experiences.

Training and Qualifications

I work integratively, which means that I draw on various models and theories in my work. I was initially trained in three major approaches to therapy;

  • psychodynamic - explores how our past influences our present
  • person-centred - which focuses on the relationship between the therapist and client, specifically how the therapist is towards the client (accepting, warm, non-judgmental) and has a deep faith in the client's capacity for healing and change
  • existentialism - explores how we relate to the big questions of life, or the fundamental limitations of our existence

I also draw on various other approaches, such as attachment, systemic theory and bio-psycho-social theories of trauma, which means that I am able to tailor my approach depending on the individual needs of my client.

I have been counselling since 2012. My training began at the Mary Ward Centre in London, after which I completed a BSc in Integrative Counselling at Roehampton University. Since then, I have also undertaken a number of other shorter training courses and workshops in various topics such as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Brainspotting (a trauma therapy), addiction, eating disorders and codependency.

I feel it is important that counselling is available to as many people as possible, regardless of ability to pay, which is why I work for a low cost service such as 360B. I also run a private practice in Lewes.